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Liechtenstein is a well recognised international financial centre which is characterised by a well developed legal system with strong creditor protection, a modern infrastructure, a central location within Europe and a monetary union with Switzerland. It enjoys a high reputation as a discreet setting with a modern approach to transparency and compliance having signed accords with most developed jurisdictions.

Access to the whole European Economic Area ("EEA") Region
Access to the European Union ("EU")
Access to the Swiss market
The products and services offered by the financial sector conform to international standards, and financial service providers are subject to the supervision of an independent financial market authority. 

Liechtenstein provides an excellent insurance setting for Valorlife. It is unique in that it is the only non-European Union (EU) country with direct access to the EU market. Furthermore, Liechtenstein is a tax free jurisdiction which is highly beneficial for our insurance clients. 

The life insurance business in Liechtenstein is highly regulated by independent supervisory authorities. Life insurance companies are required to obtain a licence prior to starting business. In Liechtenstein, the supervisory authority is the FMA (Finanzmarktaufsicht Liechtenstein). The branch in Ireland is subject to the supervision of the FMA in accordance with Article 10 of the directive: 2002/83/CE.
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