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Valorlife is the leader in the Private Placement Life Insurance (“PPLI”) sector in Liechtenstein. The PPLI is a single premium unit-linked contract also known as customised life insurance, insurance savings products and flexible insurance products.



Liechtenstein jurisdiction stipulates that insurance policies must be held in strict confidence.
PPLI provides a high degree of privacy and confidentiality.


Tax Efficiency

PPLI is a tax compliant product as it relies on the policyholder’s residence.
PPLI products provide tax benefits such as tax free accumulation of dividends and interest,
tax deferral and transfer of the assets of the chosen beneficiary free of income tax.


Multiple Currencies

Life Insurance policies offer premium payments, investments, withdrawals and death benefits
in a variety of currencies.


Asset Protection

Segregated accounts established for each individual policy.
Policies are protected against claims of creditors or claims against any other policyholder.
The insurance contract may be used as collateral. No restriction on eligible assets, as long
as the client complies with anti-money laundering rules.
The policyholder may include in the policy: personal assets such as real estate or other assets
as well as any liquid assets (shares, bonds, cash, mutual funds, etc.).


Investment Strategy

Each policyholder chooses their own individual investment strategy based on their preferences
and risk aversion. Valorlife delegates the asset management mandate to selected highly-qualified
and recognised external asset managers.
The policyholder is permitted to create a dedicated fund which enables investment in various
vehicles, listed or not, such as family estate planning, holding, real estate company, etc.

Flexible Investment

Flexible Investment Opportunities

There is generally no minimum return guarantee.
All forms of revenue (dividends, interest, etc.) generated by the underlying investment
are reinvested gross of any tax.
Policyholders bear the investment risk as the policy benefits are directly linked to the value
of the assets selected by, or on behalf of, the policyholder. Valorlife does not give the policyholder
any performance guarantee regarding the performance of the invested assets.



Our policyholders receive regular clear reports on the valuation of their policy which
is determined by the performance of the underlying investments.

Low Cost
Life Insurance

Low Cost Life Insurance

PPLI is capital efficient.
PPLI has lower overhead costs and generally lower insurance costs.

Flexible Estate
and Inheritance

Flexible Estate and Inheritance Planning

Freedom to choose the beneficiaries and choose the percentage of allocation.
The beneficiary clause may be modified. Insurance coverage commences on receipt of the first premium. Premium payments may be made at any time. Assets remain available to the policyholder throughout the life of the contract.
Valorlife offers a great deal of flexibility in the design of life-insurance 
contracts and the management of the underlying assets.
These features provide a rich choice for our clients with respect to the appointment of beneficiaries, the timing of transfers and the selection of investment vehicles. Valorlife enjoys an excellent reputation in Europe and further afield. Our products are among the best asset management and estate planning applications for European and International clients. 

Who benefits? 
Valorlife policies suit a variety of clients and circumstances. Many clients seek Valorlife products primarily as an efficient and discreet way to manage the intergenerational transfer of assets. Others find the flexibility of our policies an ideal way to facilitate the financial aspects of relocation from one country to another. Some clients chose to place a substantial portion of their assets into our policies which lend themselves to providing a comprehensive platform for estate planning. We have a demanding international clientele that enjoys the peace of mind that flows from the security and flexibility of an insurance policy issued in a well-regarded legal structure. Many cosmopolitan citizens and expatriates benefit from the exceptional advantages of Valorlife policies which adapt to the mobility they require. 

Estate planning: How does it work 
Generally, a Valorlife insurance contract requires the insured to pay a lump sum premium or an annuity. Valorlife is obliged to pay a fixed amount or an annuity to a specific beneficiary on the death of the insured or on a specified date if the insured survives. The duration of a life assurance contract may be for a fixed period or for life. The policyholder has the freedom to choose the beneficiaries and there may be differential treatments among heirs and third parties. Furthermore different amounts may be paid to each. Multiple, successive and representative beneficiaries are all permitted. The client’s circumstances and the regulations in the policyholder's country of residence usually inform the specific set of terms selected. The policyholder may determine the timing of the transfers of wealth and the level of control they wish to retain over the assets being transferred. 

What are the fiscal implications? 
A Liechtenstein life insurance contract attracts no taxes for non-resident individuals; therefore the only taxation applicable to both the policyholder and the beneficiaries of a Liechtenstein life assurance contract is that of the country of residence. Liechtenstein taxes neither capital gains on the surrender or maturity of the contract, nor death proceeds paid to beneficiaries. Interest and gains are reinvested gross of any tax. Under the European Freedom of Services regime tax benefits of the policyholder’s country of residence apply to all life assurance policies subscribed with a Liechtenstein company. Life assurance generally benefits from favourable tax treatment in most European countries. Valorlife contracts are ultimately designed to comply with the legal and fiscal requirements of the policyholder’s country of residence.
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