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Valorlife offers European residents throughout the European Economic Area (EEA) tailored life insurance products, commonly known as Private Placement Life Insurance (“PPLI”), that protect future wealth, allow flexible investment opportunities, enjoy favourable tax treatment, minimise estate taxes and facilitate the inter-generational transfer of wealth. Valorlife’s products are tailored to the client’s circumstances including, growth expectations, risk aversion and the regulations prevailing in the client’s country of residence. Valorlife products are able to adapt efficiently to changes in the investment climate, changed personal circumstances and regulatory change. EEA residents are able to enjoy the benefits of a Valorlife product regardless of their country of residence. They are assured full compliance with home country regulations and the protection of a Liechtenstein jurisdiction.


Founded in 1997 and based in Liechtenstein,
Valorlife is licensed by the Financial Market
Authority Liechtenstein to offer life assurance
services in Switzerland and all thirty one
European Economic Area countries.
In 2009 Valorlife expanded its operations to Ireland.
The financial centre of Dublin offers great benefits
from an economic and legal perspective.
Valorlife achieved their highest level of collected
premiums since their inception. This strong increase
was primarily driven by the “Scudo Fiscale” (Italian Tax Amnesty).
In 2014 Valorlife was acquired by the Valor Group.


Our highly-motivated team comprises a wide range of nationalities, languages and is continuously focussed on providing a premium quality service.

Financial Highlights

(1) All figures are audited

(2) Includes Wealth-Assurance at December 31, 2014
Balance sheet assets (2) (in millions of CHF)
Net result
(in millions of CHF)
Mathematical reserves
per investment contracts (2)
(in millions of CHF)
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